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Occupational Rehabilitation Policy

IN-Fusion Management provides, in conjunction with its Occupational Health and Safety Policy, the following policy in relation to Occupational Rehabilitation and Injury Management.


In the event of an incident resulting in an injury, IN-Fusion Management will assist the injured employee to achieve the earliest practical return to pre-injury duties, family and community life. In order to achieve this goal, IN-Fusion Management is fully committed to:

  1. The implementation of a pro-active OH&S Management System to prevent the occurrence of injuries and/or illnesses in the workplace.
  2. Provide education in safe work practices to reduce the risk of injury and/or illness occurring.
  3. Providing appropriately trained personnel to effectively treat injuries and/or establish a referral centre for injury management.
  4. Referral to IN-Fusion Management nominated rehabilitation provider is a requirement to ensure a structured program is developed for the earliest practical return to work for the injured employee.
  5. Consultation with the injured employee and treating physician to formulate a Return To Work Plan, in line with the injured employee’s current capabilities.
  6. Providing on-site support and assistance to facilitate an effective and successful return to pre-injury duties.
  7. Regular reviews and monitoring progress of the injured employee in line with the structured rehabilitation and Return To Work Program.
  8. Ensuring all actions carried out are in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Kirk Devers
Managing Director
IN-Fusion Management Pty Ltd


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