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Employee Relations Policy

IN-Fusion Management has developed the following Employee Relations Policy, applicable to the needs of its operations. IN-Fusion Management is committed to providing a safe and harmonious place of work for its employees within the bounds of the IN-Fusion Management Certified Agreement, or relevant Individual Agreement.

The company has and always will be responsive and effective in dealing with and managing employee relations matters. Furthermore, through operational transparency and consistent communication processes and in providing a compliant operating platform, the company is able to avoid and substantially reduce the risks associated with any unforseen employee relations issues, both in Union and non-Union workplaces of our clients.

IN-Fusion Management has its own employee relations expert who is able to effectively deal with and manage a diverse range of matters (internally & externally), along with strong relationships with major Unions such as NUW, AWU, CFMEU, ASU (to name just a few), Industry Associations, leading Workplace Relations Lawyers, the AIRC and Fair Work Australia.

IN-Fusion Management’s key employee relations objectives are to:

  1. Provide regular, clear and effective communication with employees to keep them abreast of all business and relevant client activities.
  2. Provide a harmonious work environment (as so far as is practicable outside of our direct control) that is conducive to motivating employees to achieve both business and client goals and targets.
  3. Prevent any employee relations issues with IN-Fusion Management employees.
  4. Achieve no lost time due to unresolved employee relations matters.
  5. Ensure employee compliance with all company operations, policies and processes and those of our clients.
  6. Promote and enforce the effective use of our dispute resolution process, when and if required.
  7. Effectively isolate the activities of IN-Fusion Management from external Union activity or industrial disputes that may impact on our clients and/or the company.
  8. Resolve all issues in a responsive and effective manner.
  9. Comply with all necessary legislative obligations in managing employee relations matters.

In fulfilling the objectives of this Policy, IN-Fusion Management is committed to regular consultation and feedback from its employees and clients to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of our management processes in this area.

Kirk Devers
Managing Director
IN-Fusion Management Pty Ltd


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